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Why limit yourself to just one weekend a year, when you can enjoy your favorite fandom communities and events all summer long!

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Panels and Workshop at Atlantic City Fan Xpo (ACFX)

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Part of the fun of conventions and expos is the opportunity to learn and discuss your favorite topics with your fellow fans.  ACFX has two panel rooms that give you just that opportunity!  If you wish to cover a topic and produce a panel or workshop for any weekend (or multiple!) during the summer, please fill out the form below.

For all accepted panels, the panel leads will receive a complimentary one-day pass to the show for themselves and all panel guests.

Thinking you’d like to submit a gaming session or tournament instead?  Or want to include one with your panel?  Submit a game here.

Find an Audience with ACFX

Fill out as much information as possible regarding your panel and/or workshop, as well as what weekend(s) you might be able to provide that panel.  We will respond to you ASAP with a schedule.

All panel rooms come with a basic projector and screen, and seating for up to 150 participants.  Panels/Workshops may be scheduled any time Friday – Sunday each weekend.

Panels/Workshops We Seek

Can you help assist us and run a panel on the following topics? If you don't have a specific panel of your own, consider taking on one of the following:

Podcast 101
Ever wanted to do a podcast, but didn’t know how to start? Started but need some ideas? Themes? Co-hosts? Recording equipment? Talk with our pros and see how you can do it too!

Comics 101
When a writer and an artist love an idea very much, a comic is born! But how does a creative team come together? How do you tell a moving story in single frames? And why doesn’t the inker get more respect? Find out with creators you can meet in our artist’s alley!

Movies 101
How does a movie get made? Where does the budget come from? What IS a ‘Red Weapon 8K’? Why are there so many zombie movies? What DOES a grip do? Hear about how people are making their own movies and how YOU can too!

Collecting 101
It’s not hoarding when you need it. People collect lots of things, from comics, to stamps, to lint, and all points in between. But why do we collect things? Because we have a dark emptiness inside us that we can only fill with “stuff”…or just because it’s cool? How do you store your collection? What do you tell people that don’t get it? Come discuss collecting with us!

Board Games 101
Have you ever read the box of a game and thought “that sounds pretty cool, but I have no idea how to play”? Now’s your chance to find out! Walk through the setup and opening rounds of some of the more popular board games and get a better feel for how to play them.

Video Games 101
Are you Master Chief? Is this your Final Fantasy? Do you ever make a Switch to Mario? Video games are a huge part of life, but there’s SO MUCH out there! Find out about the cool games you’ve missed, or get tips and tricks on the games you already play! Maybe even share a trick of your own.

Game Creation 101
We all know that games don’t just magically appear, but where do they actually come from? How do you create a character? Or the story of the game? What are the mechanics that make it work? Learn how those that came before you did it, then go and make your own!

Internet 101
It’s so much more than just a series of tubes. The internet is kind of like the force, it binds us all together and boy does it have a dark side. But what does the internet mean to us and for us? Why is Net Neutrality important? Do people really make money on YouTube? What’s a Homestuck? Now the answers can be told!

Cosplay 101
Cosplay is exploding in popularity, but it can be intimidating to begin doing your own.  How do you get started in costuming and creating elaborate cosplays?

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