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Why limit yourself to just one weekend a year, when you can enjoy your favorite fandom communities and events all summer long!

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Looking to find a new group for your Dungeons and Dragons adventure?  Would you like to host a Magic tournaments or pick up event?  Share with us your game mastering experience and we can help you find a new group of gamers to have fun with in Atlantic City.

Depending on size and scope of game, game masters may receive complimentary passes to ACFX.

Thinking you’d like to submit a panel/workshop/discussion session instead?  Or want to include one with your game?  Submit a panel here.

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Fill out as much information as possible regarding your game, as well as what weekend(s) you might be able to host.  We will respond to you ASAP with a schedule.

Games may be scheduled any time Friday – Sunday each weekend.

Gamemasters We Seek

We love all games, but we are constantly on the lookout for game masters who wish to help facilitate games of the following. Beginning, Medium, and Advanced levels requested!

Dungeons & Dragons



Miniatures Games

Magic: The Gathering

Pokemon Cards

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