The Summer of Fandom

Why limit yourself to just one weekend a year, when you can enjoy your favorite fandom communities and events all summer long!

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What age do you need to be to attend ACFX?

ACFX is an all-ages show that welcome families, geeks, and fans of all ages!  For our younger fans, the following restrictions do apply.

10 Years and Under
Admission is free for up to two children per chaperone.  Children must be accompanied by their guardians at all times.

Ages 11-13
Children within this age range do require admission and may enjoy the ACFX exhibits unaccompanied by a parent, provided the parent is also somewhere on property.

Ages 14 – 16
Our young adults in this age range may be dropped off to attend ACFX without a parent provided that the parent checks in and signs a permission waiver.

Ages 17+
No restrictions.

Each Weekend a New Adventure

ACFX is truly unique as each and every weekend offers a different experience.  These frequently asked questions are meant to apply to all weekends in general, but please check the specific dates you wish to attend for more information catered to the theme of that weekend.

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Didn’t find the answer to your question here?  Sorry about that!  Please feel free to reach out to us directly by using our contact page.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy ACFX!

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