The Summer of Fandom

Why limit yourself to just one weekend a year, when you can enjoy your favorite fandom communities and events all summer long!

Exhibitor Information

Your Exhibit Booth with Access to the Whole Boardwalk

ACFX is a Summer-long convention-like facility that invites the geeks to the beach for vacations, celebrity meet and greets, and community.  As with traditional conventions, our fans come seeking unique experiences, art, collectibles, and swag from vendors around the world.  

At the ACFX Showboat facility, we’re able to offer vendors all the standard trappings of an exhibitor package without a lot of the headache associated with temporary facilities.

Memorial Day Sale!
Join us for Preview Week and get a second week free!*

10x10 Exhibitor Space

The standard 10×10 booth space is a corner space with a quad unit on the main show floor.

Included with Booth

10x10 Standard Booth Space

8' High Back Wall and 3' Side Wall

One (1) 8’ table and Two (2) Chairs

Two (2) Exhibitor Passes per 10’x10’ booth

Listing in ‘Show Program’ and on Website

One (1) 5amp Electrical Drop and Wifi Access Included

Free Parking*

Total Cost
Special Early Summer Pricing!
$200 for 1st 10×10. $100 for each additional 10×10 space
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By purchasing a booth at ACFX, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined here.

Artist Alley / Small Press

A single 6′ table space for artists, game developers and small press vendors.

Included with Booth

6' Table Space

One (1) 6’ table and One (1) Chair

Two (2) Exhibitor Passes per table

Listing in ‘Show Program’ and on Website

Access to Shared Electricity and Wifi Access Included

Free Parking*

Total Cost
Special Early Summer Pricing!
$75 for Artist Space
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Multi-Week Opportunity

Unlike other conventions, ACFX has opportunities all Summer long, helping you fill multiple weekends and save travel expense by setting up a semi-permanent shop in Atlantic City. Weekend shows run from Friday – Sunday, but ample storage facilities onsite allow you to quickly break down and setup each weekend, without the need to transport it back and forth from your warehouse. Multi-week discounts on booth space start at 25%.

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Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor booths are available on a first come, first served basis. Sponsorship placements have priority and all others will be filled by the date an exhibit contract with payment is received.

Please note: No Exhibitor space is reserved or guaranteed without payment in full. Additional tables, chairs, and booth upgrades available through our partner, (Showboat Hotel). Upon request, we will provide order forms for additional booth options.

*Second week must be of lesser or equal value.  Total cost of Memorial Day booth purchase may be credited towards a more expensive week.  Remaining balance will be due prior to booking confirmation

*Free parking for first 75 vendors

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